Nova Scotia Covid-19 Stigma Survey is Looking for Participants

This study, conducted by Dr Robert Huish from Dalhousie University, is looking for volunteers to take part in a study of
Stigma Experienced from the COVID-19 Pandemic in Nova Scotia


What is Stigma?

Social Stigma is produced when prejudices grounded in fear, blame and unfair treatment are directed at individuals.  Stigma can be harmful to physical, mental and emotional health.  Persons who are stigmatized experience avoidance and rejection, and they may themselves attempt to “hide” from society.  Persons who may be at an increased risk of avoidance, mistreatment, or unfair accusations during the COVID-19 pandemic may include:

 - People perceived to be of Asian descent.

 - People who are perceived to be black, indigenous or people of colour. 

-  People who have COVID-19 or who have had COVID-19.

-  People who are senior citizens.
-  Persons aged 18 - 35

-  People with low levels of income.

-  Health care workers, and their families.

-  Essential workers, such as grocery store workers, liquor store workers, convenience store workers, emergency service and security officers, and those who must travel outside of the Atlantic Bubble,.

-  Individuals temporarily residing in Nova Scotia, including temporary foreign workers.

-  People who operate vehicles registered outside of the Atlantic Bubble, including the United States.  


If you feel that you have experienced fear, blame or unfair treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic in Nova Scotia, we want to hear from you.  Please take a minute to fill out this brief questionnaire for your chance to be included in the study.  

If you'd like to learn more about Stigma and Covid, click here to read more.



We are looking for volunteers to take part in a study of Stigma Experienced from the COVID-19 Pandemic in Nova Scotia.

As a participant in this study, you would be asked to: describe your personal experience of stigmatization during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your participation would involve completing the online questionnaire at the website below, and then a follow up interview via phone or video conference software.

The survey will take 15 minutes to complete and the interview will be roughly 30 minutes.

If selected for an interview, in appreciation for your time, you will receive $50 grocery gift card.

For more information about this study, or to volunteer for this study, please contact:

Dr. Robert Huish - Department of International Development Studies
902.494.2979 or by Email:

This study has been reviewed by, and received ethics clearance through the Dalhousie University Research Ethics Committee.


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